Astrus 3rd Party Intelligence

Decrease your risk through 40.000 data sources!

Case Study: Customized monitoring for a global investment bank.

Managing risk by monitoring corporate profile data over thousands of clients. Astrus provides more timely alerts than a manual process when changes occur that may affect a customer’s risk rating.

The client was able to remove the need to scale teams up and down to deal with spikes of activity and large remediations, and benefitted from an optimised compliance system with full audit trail, and supporting evidence with date and time stamps.

Case Study: Integrity due diligence for a global life sciences firm.

Our services have been driven and informed by Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) investigations and response by life sciences firms seeking to enhance their integrity compliance programs via robust third-party on-boarding, risk assessment, certifications and due diligence vetting and monitoring.

Astrus provided automated and targeted monitoring functionality to provide timely and responsive alerts about client third parties.