Behavioral Analytics

Put your customer first.

Behavioral analytics focuses on understanding how people act and why, enabling accurate predictions about how they are likely to act in the future. In the digital domain, tracking where people go and what they do is relatively easy to implement. In the brick-and-mortar world however this has proven to be very difficult. BlueSense is a solution that combines indoor positioning with predictive analytics to provide users with insights into the behavior of people.

Realtime customer behaviour insight.

Using radio signals emitted by mobile devices, the position of people can be determined in real-time. Our predictive analysis engine processes these data and provides insights into visiting patterns. These positioning data can easily be enriched with other data (i.e. demographics, parking, sales), which makes it possible to truly understand behavioral patterns. As an extension to our behavioral analytics module, our beacon module offers real-time interaction with people based on their location and indoor navigation, allowing for engaging in your customers’ journey and increasing customer satisfaction. BlueSense is being developed at KPMG in the Netherlands and in corporation with the University of Amsterdam.

BlueSense for retail.

As a retailer you want to understand how people move through your store, have the ability to determine the attractiveness of the store lay-out and improve the customer experience. Bluesense provides you with real-time heatmaps, dwell time, customer return rate, historical visiting patterns. The store manager can optimize the store lay-out and make sure that the right products get the attention they deserve.

BlueSense for real estate.

As an asset manager you are always looking to optimize the portfolio. This software will provide you with the insight on store synergies and optimize your rental surface. It includes elaborate heatmaps, customers profiles and the ability to add relevant data from other data sources. Moreover, it helps you to increase the number of visitors, customer experience and spend per customer. Creating the best value for both your visitors and your stores.

BlueSense for public transportation.

It is important for public transportation companies to keep grip on the crowd density, flow and patterns. You want your passengers to travel safe, comfortable and on time. Insight in passengers across platforms within and between cities provides powerful information. It gives you the opportunity to adjust travel schemes to your passenger needs, improve arrival and departure times and allows for dynamic train, subway and bus allocation, especially during big events!

BlueSense for events.

An event organizer wants to measure crowd density in order to improve the safety of your visitors, optimize personnel utilization and improve customer experience. Based upon the data provided by Bluesens an organizer can respons properly on their visitor behaviour by closing & opening entrances, upscale and downscale staffing. Put your visitor first using Bluesense.