Cyber Maturity Asessment

Secure your organization against threats

Reducing the Cyber threat to your business

Organizations are struggling to assess the impacts of Cyber risk to their business operations maturity. KPMG’s Cyber Risk Insights provides the client the ability to self assess, get benchmarked against peers, and gain immediate insight of areas for prioritisation and focus.

6 security dimensions rated on 3 maturity levels.

KPMG Cyber Risk Insights allows customers immediate visibility into Cyber maturity levels across their business, and associated industry peers. Together with KPMG, this insight helps clients focus resources and budget spend to prioritised areas of investment across the client enterprise.
By continuing an overall re-assessment strategy, clients build and adapt valuable resources, aligned to the ever changing threat landscape.

Case study: Cyber maturity asessment enables to protect information.

A FTSE 100 global service provider had suffered an increasing number of security breaches. It identified that it was vulnerable as a result of a changing threat profile. Controversial contracts and a highly visible infrastructure meant that it was increasingly being attacked by cyber criminals, hacktivists and investigative journalists. The client also had growing concerns about insider threat as a result of either malicious or accidental data loss. The assessment summarised the findings under the six key domains of the CMA, outlined areas of best practice within the client as well as vulnerabilities with clear plans for remediation.

Case study: Cyber maturity assessment improves the cyber security capability.

A global performance materials supplier wants to better understand its vulnerabilities, to assess its capability to protect information in line with industry security standards and to provide a set of remediation activities. The findings were to provide the basis to improve the clients cyber security capability. KPMG provided its Cyber Maturity Assessment, a highly detailed report outlining areas of development for the organisation. This summarised the findings under the six key domains of the CMA, outlined areas of good practice within the client as well as areas of development with clear plans for remediation. The remediation formed the basis for the client to further build on its level of cyber maturity.