Corporate Manager

Your contracts managed from one central platform

Know where you stand.

Know where your contracts stand at any point in time — approvals, deadlines and obligations. KPMG Spectrum Corporate Manager provides a powerful solution to manage all your contracts from one central platform.

Establish your workflow.

From a contract’s inception to its finalization, KPMG Spectrum Corporate Manager establishes the flow for approvals, acknowledgements and informing stakeholders. Set the rules for routing so that the appropriate parties know what your organization is committing to. It enables everyone involved to understand the level of risk. The obligations. And the time frame. So for example, Sales and Purchasing both know the amount of raw materials needed to fulfill a certain contract over a certain term.

Achieve transparency.

For mergers and acquisitions, the buyer will want to know the details of all the obligations of the purchased company. Conflicts identified. Synergies spotted. Financial health determined. KPMG Spectrum Corporate Manager generates reports that meet due diligence and clarify restructuring. For external stakeholders, your organization can paint a clear picture of commitments and expected revenues. And management can see clearly where you are, and where you’re going.

All your contracts stored in one place, simple.

Corporate manager helps you to manage your contracts, making sure you renew invoices at the right time and mitigate risks.

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Case study: A retailer stays on top of the dynamics of their business.

Hundreds of locations. Thousands of products. And countless suppliers. And each aspect of their business requiring a contract. Excluding real estate and employees, this retailer uses KPMG Spectrum Corporate Manager to provide a single vantage point to view them all. Now Marketing, Sales and Accounting have a better understanding of how their efforts and commitments affect the whole.