Culture Factory

Cross-cultural insights driving business performance

Culture Factory
Culture for business.

Culture for Business offers an integrated way to lead organizations across borders. When an organization understands its culture and is able to reconcile differences, their results will greatly enhance.

The Culture for Business intelligence engine offers a blend between technology (Culture for Business app, eLearning, organizational profilers) and tailored consulting services to help your organization to connect viewpoints and increase business performance.

Case Study: World’s largest provider of surface preparation technology.

For us the use of KPMG Trompenaars Hampden-Turner was instrumental in breaking down the various culture boundaries we faced and created for us the environment and framework for moving forward in a thoughtful, cohesive fashion. Our integration theme is "Best of Both” and they helped us set the groundwork to truly achieve this theme.”

Case study: defining Vision & Values Framework and Values-to-Behavior (V2B) sessions

“The result of the KPMG Trompenaars Hampden-Turner’s intervention (translating values to behavior) realized the required improvement clearly visible Wich is not easy in the aggressive competitive environment. Significant signals showed changes and on average KPIs improved by 20%.”

Your challenge, our blended approach.

A future-proof learning organization is ready to realize strategic ambitions on its own. Culture is the context in which these strategic ambitions are realized. It is the product of common rules in speaking and acting and patterns in interaction between people and preferences when making choices or dealing with dilemmas. We make the business and people aspects of culture tangible and measurable, using a wide range of well-proven tools. This cultivates an integral way of leading your organization by means of a blended approach: a combination of consulting and digital solutions.