Security Awareness Gaming

Cyber security risk mitigated

Neutralize cyber security threats.

The most common attacks in cyber security these days are based on social engineering attacks. Social engineering attacks aim to retrieve sensitive information based upon human errors. Moreover, there is increasing complexity to comply with increasing legislation on data privacy and information security. A lack of awareness and severity of threat can seriously impact your organization. Security awareness gaming will allow your employees to mitigate cyber security risks.

Security Awareness Gaming provide a range of advantages in comparison to traditional e-learning.

  • Gaming elements like competition with your collegues to increase the motivation
  • The game can be played very flexible independent of time and place
  • It is proven to be the best way of learning when people are actively involved in comparison with traditional methods.
  • Employees can focus maximum 20 minutes. Being able to play the game in short time slots increases the effectiveness of the learning process
  • The game can be adapted in line with the policies of your company

Insecure network

  • Identifying secure and insecure networks, platforms and websites

Phishing mail

  • Recognize phishing mail and know how to respond

Social Media

  • Use social media responsibly to prevent social engineering

Information protection

  • Deal with trusthworthy information in a secure manner


  • How to deal with suspicious phone calls?

Clean desk policy

  • How to secure your own workingspace?

Shoulder surfing

  • Be aware of your surroundings

Social Engineering

  • Deal with hacking based on human mistakes