Indica Forensic

Take risk and compliance into your own hands

Reputation is the cornerstone of a successful business.

Building a good reputation can take years – if not decades – but can be taken away in a matter of days.

A data leak spills classified client information.
An employee engages in fraudulent behavior.
The media finds out your next strategic move.

The risks you face are ever increasing. The Indica Intelligence Engine helps you identify and prevent these risks from happening.

Indica is a Forensic search and e-Discovery engine built on top of
a decade of KPMG Forensic expertise.

Indica helps you with all the aspects of early case assessments. It enables you to rapidly investigate potential risks and respond before the risks emerge. Furthermore, Indica identifies and preserves data for legal holds. During the assessment Indica can move easily from
hindsight analysis to real-time monitoring and enables proactive risk management.

eDiscovery and Litigation

  • From early case assessment to in-depth investigation
  • Pricing enables use of e-discovery in any case
  • Combine structured and unstructured data

Internal Investigations

  • Perform early case assessment with superior ease of use
  • Secure Cloud or On-premise platform
  • Thorough analysis of large amounts of unstructured data.

Compliance monitoring

  • Multi-user case management
  • Early detection of irregularities
  • Real-time connection with live data sources

Case study: Law firm

A large law firm utilizes Indica to perform early case assessments for litigation and regulatory compliance cases. Indica’s disruptive pricing model allows the lawyers to process and search through large amounts of data in any case. The findings resulting from their analyses in Indica are used to make a decision on whether to use additional resources for a full scale eDiscovery process.

Case study: Food and beverage industry.

A multinational in the food and beverage industry uses Indica to respond quickly to possible fraud, corruption or regulatory issues. By using Indica, the internal investigators of the organization can analyze large amounts of e-mail boxes and documents in a matter of hours. Due to Indica’s superior ease of use, no large investments were needed in user training or IT infrastructure.