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Where will the next big idea come from? With KPMG Spectrum Innovation Factory, you can encourage, channel and develop ground-breaking ideas on an enterprise level. Break down the silos and tap the full potential of your employees across disciplines.

Connect the right people. Generate exceptional ideas.

Our name represents a goal: We believe every organization can be turned into an innovation factory. Be brilliant together—with our enterprise idea management solution. Pose a problem to your organization as an Idea Challenge and KPMG Spectrum Innovation Factory seeks out those with expertise in that area and draws them into the conversation. Crowd-sourcing your business issues is just the start. Our Idea Challenge Methodology is designed to engage, stimulate and provoke. And of course, it needs to be easy to use. Our cloud-based software is intuitive, simple to use and multi-lingual.

The built-in social intelligence makes sure that all relevant knowledge within your organization is captured to create great ideas. It thrives on diversity. It connects the right people to work on the idea, regardless of where they are in your organization. It’s scalable—so your Idea Challenge can be as large or as contained as you like. You can even choose to reach out to partners outside your organization to expand your knowledge base and idea pool. That way you can be sure that all the collective brainpower of employees, customers and all other parties in your innovation ecosystem is harnessed to create powerful ideas that are practical to implement.

Case Study: Harness the collective brainpower of the people in your organization.

Succesfully anticipating changes by collecting better ideads for innovation and change through online collaboration.

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Case Study: World-class beer company looks for the next great packaging idea.

In their quest for ground-breaking packaging ideas, this beer manufacturer engaged external designers from around the world with their own R&D department. The result was a spectacular wealth of raw ideas that were refined into feasible concepts. This wasn’t the first time this brewery drew upon the power of the KPMG Spectrum Innovation Factory. Every year, employees around the globe participate in a global challenge, which has harvested several thousand ideas — many of which result in actual new products and concepts.

Case Study: European country fights the rising tide.

Rising sea levels have been a threat in this European country for centuries. KPMG Spectrum Innovation Factory has provided a radical, new approach to this age-old problem. Government organizations used the platform to collaborate with other various organizations to find novel and effective solutions.