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Comply with lease accounting standards

Proactive. Powerful. Put the KPMG Leasing Tool to work for you.

The new accounting standards for leasing mandated by the FASB and IASB promise major impact on businesses — including IT systems and processes, internal controls, taxes, budgeting, and operational functions. The KPMG Leasing Tool for IBM® TRIRIGA puts you ahead of the curve by providing a centralized data base, project management and reporting system for your lease inventory. With this tool, you can rapidly deploy a single system that will help drive operational, financial and business performance.

A strategic overview. Centralized reporting and management.

Today, lease data is often managed through disparate manual spreadsheets and databases in various locations. This challenge alone makes data gathering a significant undertaking. An added layer of complication is that you have a moving target when your lease portfolio is constantly renewing, modifying, and canceling.
The KPMG Leasing Tool offers single system to manage the lifecycle of facilities. Working with IBM®, we have leveraged the real estate module from their TRIRIGA® solution to provide a cloud-based solution to meet the requirements of the new leasing standards. It’s powerful and easy-to-use with pre-loaded user guidance. And because it’s informed by KPMG’s accounting experience, it’s pre-configured to organize data cleanly and compliance-ready from the perspective of an accountant.

This tool features four elements to manage your lease inventory centrally and effectively:
  • Lease inventory completeness and data capture
  • Financial reporting and disclosures accuracy
  • Lease activity business intelligence reporting
  • Project management functionality

Not only will you gain transparency and standardized reporting to meet compliance, but also a powerful strategic overview, project management efficiencies and business intelligence.

KPMG Leasing Tool will enable you to:
  • Validate the completeness of your lease population
  • Generate individual business unit and consolidated disclosure reports
  • Expand the scope of “business intelligence” reporting beyond the reporting of financial calculations to assist with smart purchase versus leasing decisions
  • Track key metrics as well as facilitate automated workflow and approvals

With this robust tool, you’ll not only be prepared for the changes mandatory in 2019, but gain intelligence that will help you manage your lease portfolio more effectively.

A single system to manage the lifecycle of leased facilities.

Disparate databases and manual spreadsheets. A portfolio that’s constantly renewing, modifying and canceling. Now KPMG has teamed with IBM® to bring you a single web-based platform to help meet compliance, and gain the advantage of powerful business intelligence.

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