Mortgage Management

Insights in the composition of mortgage portfolios

Interactive portfolio analysis

This Intelligence Engine helps lenders, portfolio managers and investors to monitor risks and performance in the portfolio and provide insights to improve capital efficiency. The engine gives a comprehensive insight in the loan portfolio and allows drilling down to specific portfolio segments (risk buckets) and even individual loans.

Slice and dice your porfolio to gain insight.

Mortgage management enables the users to perform their own analysis using an interactive visual dashboard. Furthermore, the Mortgage Management engine can provide insight in the pipeline of new loan origination.

Portfolio & Pipeline

The application allows end users to unlock information from data, by enabling users to perform their own analysis on the portfolio and on the pipeline of the loan origination. Users are able to ‘slice and dice’ the portfolio and pipeline in any way they want, whenever they want and ‘drill down’ to the individual loan level information.


This module is a combination of a calculation engine developed by KPMG and an application to unlock the valuation analysis on the portfolio. The results from this analysis allows further portfolio analysis capabilities by adding the additional dimension of value.